Meena Somasundaram

Out Of Box Thinking

It is out of box thinking
 mean that is different
 could be exclusive
 might be also revolutionary
 all is well that goes well
 those who do the same old
 like to go into the fold
 not wish to jump out of box
 prefer to sit comfortable inside
 repeat without any hesitate
 be in the same place
 read the similarities
 talk with a monotony
 praise each other with pride
 the one out beats the other
 that much it is a success
 a little away from the path
 a digression in the right
 a deviation to the left
 a preparation solid and meticulous
 does not find the way
 would never see the light
 unless you wield tremendous power
 not in the track of wisdom
 but in the material wealth
 your ideas get going
 with not any hiccups nor interception
 could anything be out of box thinking
 never in the miles on the road.