Marcus DeStorm

Our Love

Born in Leeds, England, Marcus De Storm is married with two twin daughters. He finds time to write across the board with Story-Shorts, Novels, Poetry and Niches, between running his Family business in Multi-Media and Technology on an International scale.Recently published, Marcus intends to releaseā€¦

Looking for the sun I call her name
Her vision haunting me like a ghost,
For the name cannot be loudly spoken
Especially not from me your lyrical host.
A glitter from your eyes captures my heart
Drawing me in closer, making me weak,
With a soft restrained kiss I hold you close
And you reveal that it is me that you seek.
Reach we do our hands to heaven
Backwards, forwards, both near and far,
For you the whole of the moon I would give
Or at the very least the one golden star.
Heaven, hell, that great in between
These places for you I would go,
If only to hold you in my arms
Then only three words you need to know.
This once great world has ended
Your loving world for me has begun,
For our children will be born in love
And turn to face the Southern Sun.