Joy Krumdiack

Our Lives Are a Garden (Bloom Where You Are Planted)

Our lives are but a garden, plant them well;
Each seed we plant has a story to tell.
From tilling, watering and then sowing,
We reap the rewards when it's done growing.

Far from easy, there's work for us to do.
We must work the soil or weeds will grow too.
Too much sun without water is not good,
And some plants need a certain kind of food.

Weeds may grow and seeds may be blown away,
We must work in the garden ev'ry day.
We must choose the seeds that we know will grow;
Protect them from storms and the winds that blow.

Just like that garden, we must be well-fed,
To bloom where we're planted, not to be dead!
Reach out to others, we need them to grow;
They teach you things you don't already know.

Choose your friends and your places to live well.
Each new lesson is a story to tell.
Spread plenty of color throughout each row.
Bloom where you're planted, right in the front to show!