Eugene Hetler

Orgy Vomit Sex Slaves

I love the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and that goes with Him. I read the Bible and pray daily. I try not to be judgemental but some days the fire comes out like a dragon burping a big gas fire on accident after a big meal. I love to write. Please read waht I write. I love to write thingsā€¦

Big jugs carry more loads
All the workers prefer to use and abuse those
Thinner boards are easier to nail
Why are you holding your power hose?

Orgy vomit sex slaves
Passing disease through the internet
All your love is paper made
Bound and determined
When you get your sex chains
Wrap them around your wet libido
Then watch the money liquidate
Proud and perverted

Listen to hearts *rg*sm under the same rhythm
*j*c*l*t*ng nightmares onto sexual tension
A midnight stroll helps the blood flow
But I don't need your pity to keep me erect

Erotic asphyxiation causes brain damage
Try not to pass out from high-toned sexual ambiguity
Amatory silence hurts all relationships
You have to voice your opinions passionately in ecstasy

To save your good name use the back door
Pound it softly to get the right answer
The beauty you seek is waiting in the next elated expressions
Will she push you away?
Or will she let you in?

These tears won't make sense unless you say yes (Repeat)
Can I put my penis inside your head?
To feel the full measure of pleasure in what happens next
I love your erratic behavior baby
Come into me and scream

Your sweat is the reason why we're not done yet
Caution: Slippery when amorous