Jet Rood


A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen then you have somethingvery special. Nelson Mandela ************************************************************************I am from the land of tulips and mills. Writing is a…

Girl with the golden hair
 look how it shines
 wow so pretty as you are
 come and stick with me

 A good thing just happened
 you met a guy like me
 looking awfully gorgeous
 and also really sweet

 I'm known for my credibility
 and my creditcards too
 I do not smoke or drink or swear
 no that's not really cool

 Father runs an oilbusiness
 mother is the artistic kind
 he's providing her with income
 and she has a free life

 I have one little sister
 who's still at college
 finding out about the boys
 once thinking she was pregnant

 I've done university
 have applied everywhere
 but since I am such a smartass
 no one wants me around

 I'm not working with my father
 two captains on a ship you know
 so at the moment I do nothing
 and that's fine with me

 Father is supporting me
 allowance every month
 it's enough for the both of us
 so will you stick around ?

 I give you all you dream of
 you are the one for me
 I believe at first sight
 what about you?