Donald Vess

One Walk...

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

I really think much doesnt matter anymore,
behind me;
so many closed doors.
in front of me;
everything Ive seen before,
the same tears on the floor...

I use to live not caring,
far above the stars always staring,
my heart always daring,
with none am I comparing...

I always wanted someone to simply understand,
one to hold my hand,
while walking across this desert land,
into the unplanned...

tho I dont mind walking alone,
better is a unturned stone,
no one calling on the phone,
no worry of a soaring drone...

My heart finding its place,
far to close to the human race,
caring about what your heart cant see,
making life no longer about me,
is what sets my soul free...

my home;
down in a well,
its where I fell,
with so much to tell,
about my travels thru hell...

numbers having no meaning,
sometimes theyre just demeaning,
trying to be number one,
for a handful under the sun,
it isnt for me anymore,
behind me is that closed door...

blind is the eye,
seeing only below the sky,
simply watching others cry,
as day after day people die...

so, what does it all matter,
when in season the flock scatters...?