One Sided Love

Name : Ugenteraan s/o Manogaran Birth of Date : 15 June 1994 Country : Malaysia email / facebook : m.ugenteraan@yahoo.comI'm just a beginner in writing please criticize on my poems :) I would rate and review your works for sure if you had rated and reviewed mine :D

One Sided Love...

Her dazzling saccharine smile...
Her tremendously appealing hairstyle...
Her varicoloured melodious voice...
Her serene coruscating eyes...

Oh, this excruciating one-sided love
When will it be a felicitous two-sided love?
One-sided love is sore and two-sided love is treacly
Just you know, one-sided love is not ugly

Do you have any idea how thrilling it is here?
Pretending like the sky and sea is crystal clear
While the clouds and waves are always in rage
The heart that forever remains mystery like Stonehenge

Have you slept with this atypical feeling on your face?
Being the cushy grass beneath her gentle paces
Being her true-blue shadow when she's striding lonely
Being her hyaline-like tears when she's crying sadly

Have you ever thought of the benefits?
This innocent feeling will never cease to exist
Gratify each other's desire, the end of two-sided love
Awaiting her one cherished smile, the fun of one-sided love

Wondering how to survive this thunder strikes?
There is no rose in this world without incisive spikes
For you, maybe its like a pathetic worthless war
For us, its a struggle severer than star wars

Whats a love without a forfeit?
One-sided Love is a love without deceit
You don't need to prove it with a receipt
You can always be in conceit!