Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi

Once again!!!

Once again bloom will return on me
As a loving blossom on the tree
As flowers smile at the visitors n thee
One again pain will relieve and I will feel free
Once again the stars will shine upon me
Once again moon will spread cool brightness on me
Once again the oceans will sing thumping music for me
Once again birds will chirp without any glee
Once again cool breeze will send spinal thrill into me
Once again the darkness will not stop me to see
The day glazing day will guide the path to me
One again the atmosphere will be poison free
One again the horizons will not limit me
One again I will sing beautiful song for thee
One again I will return to the original song
Once again I will lure many sad hearts of throng
I am there with you O the deprived one
Never lose hope at least on the GOD
HE showed me the right road of love
Once again………..