A Radday

On Flagging (and the rest)

I started writing poetry in my early childhood. When I was quite small I wrote a poem for my mum. When she passed away many years later I realised that was her favourite present from me ever. I started to think that there might just be some value to my poetry.

The world over they cannot rest
 they want to put everyone to the test
 and much condemned they ignore
 they put filthiest intent to the fore.

 Women feeling they have to apologise
 for some women being mean
 and I have been told men feel they have to say sorry
 for things they have not done, but some man do
  attitude gory.

 To you fear mongering, mean breed
 into the soil of future you want to put bad seed
 you cannot succeed for this moment of dire need
 when man cannot stand up for the lack of love
  no love for tomorrow, your misdeed.

 Stop you will as the wheel of bad crop is turning
 your 'destiny' going down as both ends your are burning
 I say to you with confidence of one who's had enough
 your ways are nothing, turned to chuff.

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