James Reid


OMG....RUN !!

We have an emergency !
RUN ! the room is on fire !
as we struggle to our feet
boozy friends stumble and fall
in moments the air is one
grimy, smoky atmosphere
raging, torrid, acrid heat
we're in a race, chased by flames
escape is uppermost now
no air, so crawl along floor
lungs bursting, and burning sore
eyes red-hot, and stinging dry
bells ring louder, help has come
spot torchlights, shine so clearly
Over Here ! (in unison)
panics ease, in huge bounds
waters flow, Victory's mine
did know what started it all
I'll recall my saddest night
sleepy, cigarette in hand
much too drunk to comprehend
what's ahead ? I cannot guess
such a life, a rueful mess


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