Shir Hanochi

Old files

"life isn't measured by the numbers of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away". With my poetry, I want to make more of those breathtaking moments, to put everything I feel into words and let everyone else enjoy it as well as learning from it.English is not my first languageā€¦

Once you wander in a wonderful world
That is only visible to your eyes
And you think it's time for goodbyes
Just spend time looking on some old files

While looking through every file you have
Look up to the skies above
Try looking into your heart and mind
Maybe that will help you find

Every single piece that made you whole
Every smile which lightens the dark inside your soul
Every feeling that took us out of control
And every obstacle that didn't take away our goal

At last you will find your way in that world
Full of hopes and wonders to the future
Try not to clean the bloody sword
And keep going like nothing of this matters