William John

Oh Exotic

I am born and brought up in Kerala state, in India. In Kerala, Thrissur city is my native place and now I am residing at Kadavoor village in Ernakulam district.I am a senior lawyer at The High Court of Kerala. Literary talents all dwelt in my blood from my very birth itself. From, while studying in…

Oh exotic I am Oh a song
Assembly assembling I am exotic
A song, song to tell
A darling bird far telling
There's there's a song to sing?
A costly apparel to wear?
Roaring, roaring oh around all!
As yet not seen, not seen right!
Wonderous towering right towering!
Blooms of lust, so calling great!
Bliss oh bliss oh ringing, ringing!
As yet, not seen, not seen right!
Nobody, nobody seen, seen,
Having, nobody so to look after look after
All the wonder going, going!
Roaring, roaring oh around
To sip, sip nectar, nectar
All the past so future present
Roar of thunder, ruling ruling
oh, the sweet goblin, goblin
So play play oh together
Seem and so seen all

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