Wallace Dean LaBenne

Of What Are You Sure

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

What can you count on? What makes you secure?
What can you bank on? Of what are you sure?
What about marriage? Is it tried and true?
Can you trust your spouse? Of what trust are you?
What about children? Who do they reflect?
Where are their values? Of what is respect?
What about family? Are they on your side?
Will they support you? Of what is denied?
What about friendship? Who is always there?
Is there confidence? Of what can you swear?
What about money? How much is enough?
Are you invested? Of what need is rough?
What about your pets? What do they portray?
Is there greater love? Of what display?
What about your faith? Is it vague notion?
Where is conviction? Of what devotion?
What about yourself? Where is compliance?
Are you unfettered? Of what reliance?

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