Charles Johnson

Ocean of love (spiritual)

Biographically I would say that this is the place where I share about me.Re veered as a someone with morals, values,and positive energy, inspiration, and responsibilities.My possibilities can't possibly be limited to nothing less than exquisite.Welcome to my page, and I'm glad you stopped to visit.…

The love that I
posses for you shall never die.
You cared for me when I wasn't
for sure why. I am humbled.
You were there for me when
my world crumbled, and fell aside.

I was nothing but a whisper
inside of a desolate world.
But I was heard and twirled
180 degrees while you kept
me company. And I love you for
that. You loved me.....
and now I love you back.

I understand that now
we have set a never ending
journey in motion. No bumps.
No scrapes. No commotion.
Set inside of your ocean of love.
You are the father of all creation.
Our father above.
Thank you...