Razon Santos

Obducted Seduction

From Yonkers N.YPuerto Rican nick name Razonquiet untill knownLoves God and family...

Cold is the winter
after the summers heat wave
Cold is what she has made me
I have become this way it seems
The woman of my dreams
I have revealed my whole self to
has infected me by being untrue
and now
Through her I kill
I feel un-caring
Staring at an image of me
once loved
and broken
Lipstick stains the pavement
with the rain
from dark clouds in romance
between the shades with Zeus
Thunderous voice
daring to speak those three words
"I love you"
Quietly as a whisper in time
and now
I reveal to you
The dying has begun
The coldness has taken form
in the form of bitterness
and sour kisses
"Come here my dear"
For those women who've wished
I've loved like before
and crave to know these emotions
frozen in winters storm
Leaking the secrets
of my being
the red beams of light
orbiting between
the outer limits of space
erased in this
black hole of hearts
like so many others before me
They shall not hold the key
Nor shall they know the doorway to me
ever again
For them not knowing my next move
loses them
"Oh pore abused minds"
Lied to
trying to
break down the walls
and reveal the stealing of themselves
inside me
Mind you
While I have lost them
in my eyes
I have simultaneously
injected them with
loves venom
Similar to the symptoms of
loves blood being sucked
to know what lies within
"Excuse me!"
"While I spin you in this web my dear"
"near this bed of nails"
and as she lies there paralyzed
her thighs reach the stars falling
and I
with a smile
now know
every inch of her mind
has now become mine
For she shall never truly know me
but I
I shall know her
Inside and out....

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