November'S summary

Poetry is therapy

I can't Count The Times
I thought about Letting Go
When Love Disappears
It's time for me to go

I'm saying Goodbye Love
Hello Poetry.com
Our Forbidden Love
Exploded like a bomb

Love Is The Thing
But it changed like the Seasons
I'm still Wishing For You
And I have my reasons

I'm so Traumatized
My body feels dead
A dead man talking
Really...... nothing said

The end of every month I take SOME of the TOP POEMS and SOME POEMS I really enjoyed and I take their titles and make a poem with them that's why I capitalize the titles of the poems, its my way of saying thanks for these amazing poems

Letting Go - T Lee Sully
Count The Time - Michelle Angel
When Love Disappears -Anonymo Magnifico
Nothing Said- Arlene Mc
Forbidden Love- Lucy Bennett
Seasons- Crystal Sanchez
Love Is The Thing - Juliette Aurora
Wishing For You- Eric Reis
Goodbye Love - Patrick Amoroso
Hello Poetry.com- Dushyant Bhola

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