Ellen Eaton

Nothing to Fear

Writing thoughts into poetry, what a wonderful way to keep thoughts and events from flitting away. As a jewelry designer and long time antique jewelry dealer, poetry gives me a moment to pause from all of that, which, though tremendously fun and rewarding, can overtake everything. Sitting back for …

I close my eyes so I can see
pictures of the past
fleeting scenes of long ago
the time between seems vast
Your face is hard to capture,
the image fades somehow
and the time we had together
is just a whisper now
The ones who love you most
may never understand
Why you felt you had to leave
to die by your own hand.
My heart knew it might happen
depression was your close friend
It truly had the final word
and took your life in the end.
I pray you find the peace and love
that was so elusive here
For to God you are so beloved
and with Him you have nothing to fear.

© Poetry.com