Ludy Bührs

Nothing Left [DIZAIN]

The topics she writes about are very diverse, so are the poetry styles she applies. As a Dutch translator and poet, having lived in Cambodia's capital city Phnom Penh for 2.5 years, in 2008 she published "Op de ruïnes van een rijk" (On the Ruins of an Empire) ISBN 978-90-8834-483-1 with 6…

Put it away, with the other old stuff.
The collectors will come and fetch it then.
It's worth nothing, just silly guilded bluff.
You won't even sell it to crazy men.
Yardsales full of dreams one didn't plan.
Make one more round, maybe there is still to find.
Then while I wait - with this rope - I will bind
those heavy ones , just take them on your bike
to old paper, it's money, never mind.
  Sir, stop and see, this is just what you like!