Susan Wall

Not a Hater

I am a born again Christian, I go to a church that preaches all the Bible. Some years ago you would call that kind of church a holy rolling church. I am very proud to be called a Christian. He saved from hell and gave me a new life. God saved my soul from hell. I am a mother, a stay at home house w…

Not A Hater

There was a time I lived as though I was gay

but Jesus had other plans for this battered soul.

There was more to come out of this life one day

grew up believing I was to pray.

 I played Christian, most of my days growing up.

Then after the much hurt and regret, I went to find my way

all I found was guilt and shame.

I can blame momma I can blame daddy

because they had no love to share.

I have been there my friend, now I am over here

 Jesus was the one who cared and set me free.

Jesus is the one that shared His life so all may set free

don't tell me Jesus does not care.

Just read John 3:16 this is the verse of love
 where would I be if Jesus did not save me?

This poem is about me but it is about also setting anyone

free fromhomosexual life style.

Now that is looking to begin life, to live in Heaven for eternity.

Copyright c Susan Wall 2014

NOTE: You can hate me as a poet that is fine, but I will let my life shine
because what Jesus did for me.

Jesus saved my soul and I have peace and joy knowing

 I will spend eternity in heaven when this soul leaves my body.

Thank you Jesus I praise your name!!!!