Poetry is, and should be, the essence of a person. Like a painting, a fingerprint, or the unique way each person's eyes sparkle, poetry cannot be copied or replicated. That's what I love about it. I write to get stuff off my chest. I write in the hopes that someone out there understands how I feel.…

Prove me.
Make me real.
Establish my reality more than a mere effect of your psychosis.
I'm a Chimera.
I'm a Phantasm.
I'm a meager smidgen in your happy sphere of insanity.
Show me how to exist
Outside your eyes.

Senses are subjective.
your ears and eyes may breathe false words
And do not try to touch me:
Your hands often fly
Into surreal worlds
Where you alone can truly be.

You are naught
but a delusion.

You are a Mirage.
Proof of my insanity.
You’ll verify nil
save my foolish nothingness.
You monstrous promise
Of solidity.

I hate you.

Dearest darling,
Most magnificent,
Brilliant boy;
You who promised me life and love and
Pure existence,
Have failed.

and i cant even prove it

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