Simon Elliott

Noella the virgin

Throughapoetseye.blogspot.comSimon Bernard Elliott.International poetry.It´s about creativity and real expression.I am a traveller, I´ve lived all over the world. Always in close proximity to nature and poetry. I´ve written since I was sixteen now I am 31. I aim to open people´s eyes with my poetry…

 Up in your space
 Your no spider though

 Not frequenting
 Up in your rehearsal
 Count down the minutes
 Like i´ve counted the months
 since you´ve made your reversal

 Up in your room
 You´re no mouse though

 No expression on seeing me
 No words, no show
 Noella you are ballerina dreams
 Your are sweet vanity, dear

 Up in your perfectionism
 Not a meter for me

 All quiet for me
 You don´t even compete
 Expression between us cold
 Dancing perfection what feats

 Up in your judgement
 getting carried away

 Up in your class
 Here I come think fast.