Wallace Dean LaBenne

No Rack For Your Hat

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

When you "talk your head off"
your shoulders are straight flat.
This sight is unseemly with no rack for your hat.

When you "make your blood boil"
daft steam blows from your ears.
This burn is unseemly with incoherent sneers.

When you "eat your heart out"
it leaves a bitter taste.
This feast is unseemly with a begrudging waste.

When you "turn green-envy"
you concoct rivalry.
This paint is unseemly with vapid jealously.

When you " lose your bearings"
the compass spins around.
This whirl is unseemly with orbits that astound.

When you "cry your eyes out"
stone-blindness is the plight.
This void is unseemly with ebony-black night.

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