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Poems....are what keeps me going.... Poems are what stops me....My name is Milton...I am young My name is Milton...I am Naive My name is Milton...Doesn't matter... What I say..How I say it...My name is Milton...I thank you for letting me share my burden with you...But I must Warn you...My name i…

as she floats through the air

without a moment of care

loud feelings locked within

permits a silent sin

elegant talons not touching the floor

bitter walls closing in for more

cant help but stop and gaze

in here eyes a endless maze

dawn has come she will leave

looking down i will stay

the night has stole her away

puddles of blood grasp my vision

my hands freezing i make my incision

my heart surly the warmth she needs

i was wrong, now i see

what ever she needed it wasn't me

she goes limp followed by my passion

for life...