Jean Gorney


I wrote a poem for my daughter and new son-in-law and read it at their wedding reception in 1997. People have been encouraging me ever since. I try to write up-beat and happy poetry. My poetry has been in many anthologies, newspapers, church bulletins,etc. I won a small contest once. I self-publish…

The roar and the thunder are so loud I hold my ears.
But the beauty, the mystery, they are such a sight to see.

It's might, it's powerful, the thunder does roar.
I wonder what that little boat down there has in store?

Splashing and spraying way high up in the air,
Roaring and rumbling as the water flows over there.

The foam and the bubbles, the mist in the sky.
Oh, what a scary and wild and very wet ride.

There's the little boat, it made it right under
The falls, the water and all of the thunder.

The people are all laughing and happy you see
For they made it under the falls and soon will join me.

(c) Copyright by Jean E. Gorney