Anibal Giro

New Hope

I born in Santiago of Cuba , Cuba in 1963 right now live in Hialeah Gardens , Miami FloridaI like the poetry because is very spirit . Iam 50 years old. My name is Anibal Oriol Giro Calderon, I like this country very much because is good.

it just silence sleep
a faraway look to the trees
a summer dawns without fire
reach the divine memories
is just a look at wind
the sound of the birds
when all is quiet
thoughts come and go
is just the cool summer
winter wind
begins the night air
are listed one after the other
dancing is just the on the horizon
venting into cries without anyone listening
clearing all of the mind
fly without falling into a cloud
is just the sadness of the soul
come the cheerful morning
spring comes
new hope reborn.