Anne Rutherford

Never Expressed

I have been writing poems since my first son was born.I had poems all over ,stuffed every where.Oct. 06, I was told I had W.M.D.of the eye ,Since then I decided to make the most of my sight now. Had many treatments, operations. I learned to take the good with the bad.I love writing and reading otheā€¦

There's a day coming
when we will regret,
Words never said.
Missed opportunities for
visits you never had.
Loved ones gone to
the other side.
Where ears will never
hear the words never said.
Sleep on my loved one,for
I'm here saying now what
I should have said.
Take heed my friend ,
Words said in anger,will
come back to haunt too.
Say now what you want to
say,tomorrow might be
to late for you.
When the curtain is drawn,
Your chance is gone.

Copryright 2008 from
Poems From The Heart