stan brierly


I have been writing poems for forty years and written about all sorts of things. Somehow I get creating streaks and can write up to 4 or 5 poems at once of varying subjects. I find it is a good way to record events of the day and bring history to life.The mental aspect is a balance against keeping …

Don't say die until you are dead,
Always take note about what is read,
All those specialists how effective they be?
Can they certify either you or me?

It's happened before and they were wrong,
Once written off you don't belong,
Be extra cautious always look for signs,
Life is precious in whatever it defines.

Doctors make mistakes when working in haste,
Don't give up and savour life's taste,
Men and women can fool the best,
Explore every avenue that's the ultimate test.
About this poem;-
As an ex police officer who dealt with deaths I
had always been mindful of doctors or anyone
certifying death, if in doubt double check it
out.Unfortunately over the years there has been
cases where a person had been pronounced
dead but later it was found they were still
alive.The media quoted two recently and as a

result this poem was created.