John Hugo Cullen

Nephi Asked The Lord To Replace The War With A Famine

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Prologue: Another in my daily scripture series. Today I have reached Ch. 11 of Helaman in "The Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Jesus Christ." After finishing that book, I hope to share "The Holy Bible" with you.
The synopsis of each chapter or section is rephrased from the original, usually prose, into my own words in verse, for your pleasure. Please compare to the original, which is FREE at

Nephi prayed earnestly, seeking ways to get the people to repent.
His request was for a famine, replacing war, upon the land be sent.
When the famine came, there was suffering and many died,
because they would not repent and were filled with foolish pride.

As the famine waxed more sore, more and more fell to their knees.
They began to return to The Lord and intreat Him with their pleas.
Nephi then asked The Lord to send again the life-giving rains.
The mercies of heaven dripped again upon the mountains and plains.

Nephi and Lehi were blessed with many revelations from The Lord,
but the nation, as a whole, were vexed by the Gaddianton robber horde.