Esther Jacks

Nature Sonnet

My name is Esther Jacks. I love to paint, draw and write poetry.Please feel free to comment on any of my poems and view my website:

The whistle of a sparrow wakes my dreams
A song and flash of color breaks my seams
Light feathers and grass float onto my hair
My barrier to life fails when I stare
Nature permeates all that I have known
Their clamour is now fading Have I grown?
Sweet solos waft through frigid morning air
Warmth is not needed for much that is fair
Embracing such things I once thought absurd
Has opened my eyes Nature has me lured
Graying clouds gather and drizzle too earth
I will not run but will soak in this birth
My once silent love has now been revealed
With each passing sight I know it is sealed