Muhammad Naveed Ahmed

Nadia comaneci: the queen of gymnasts

PLEASE NOTE THAT I OWN THE COPY RIGHTS OF ALL MY POEMS PUBLISHED HERE.AUTHOR, AWARD WINNING INTERNATIONAL POET, RESEARCHER AND JOURNALIST, Muhammad Naveed Ahmed (Emmenay) was born on the 16th of December. He is the first of six children born to Muzaffar Ahmed and Fatima Qudsia Ahmed. He got his ear…

There has been no one to match her
 Her grace is like that of a Greek sculpture
 At the age of thirteen in Munich did she
 Gave a new meaning to gymnastic rapture.
 Legends are born, blessed by God
 Here they are only trained and honed
 Their natural finesse glows all around
 As their dazzling artistry does confound
 And makes the people watch in awe
 As they perform miracles none ever saw,
 Nadia Comaneci of Romania
 Was one such wonder sent down by God
 Her grace and style in gymnastics
 Still ranks her as the perfect one.
 Nadia is a treat for the sport fan's eyes
 Just like Ali the boxer does she surprise
 Even to this day when her feats are shown
 On TV...and she becomes the talk of the town.