Ms. Marcella Francesca

My Thoughts At Dusk

Ash gray clouds
Like sunset was a wildfire.
Remember the embers
Hued amber.
Immense energy to entropy,
Particles scattered
Obscure sadness surges like the surf
A high tide in my mind,
So I hide inside my hole.
Substance is sustenance
To a busted head
Insane already,
Steadily growing slower
Creeping to a slug crawl
With slime trailing behind
Remnants of mad memories
Tainting time
Gnaw my nails to nothing,
Stubby digits subtly hinting
To my metaphysical misery, existential agony
Longing for this rubbish to be published
Eternal glory, my story, a memoir
Tell-all and air the dirty laundry
A gory self portrait masterpiece
Painted in my blood and tears