Bobby Ferguson

My Subliminal Image

Samantha Summer or Alan Ostrow take it in turns to pimp all poetry on here, who's pimping you both cant a $50 bucks a night and $40 to your pimps who throw you about between them all then send you here, If it's that good what are you doing on this site, pimped by pimps, lol

I see all my life ...though eyes are closed
when asked my thoughts ...I supposed,
When asked for truth have my voice
what of opinions have your choice.

My thoughts when written hears me
your eyes are opened ...yet you can't see,
I lost my heart soul went too
now you discard It ...what shall I do.

I know you hear me ...though you play deaf
Feel your heart beating ...feel I no breath,
your kiss from heaven ...when on the ground
If I am lost ...with you I'm found.

You're by my side ...when far away
I almost left asked please stay,
Know what I'm thinking ...I see your eyes
I know that smile no goodbyes.

Bobby Ferguson 2013.