My Service

I love my service.
As I serve people day in and day out by my thoughts,words and deeds my life becomes sublime.
Getting all joy and happiness out of my service I move on the path of peace,progress and prosperity.
Singing the songs of my service I rest in peace.
My benevolent service opens up many new chapters in my life.
I become able to fulfill my hopes and dreams.
From my service I gather all strengths and energies.
I become delighted seeing the smiles of the people around me.
Penetrating in to their joy and happiness I give a twist to my brain,body and mind.
Praying for the welfare of the persons around me I fight the battles of life.
By my quality service I receive their good will.
As I go on serving my people I develop beautiful plans,ideas and methodologies and contribute in a better manner to global harmony and peace.