EP Haridasan

My Resolutions For The year

Hails from Kerala,India.I am 64 years old,retired from Goverment service ,presently settled in Delhi.My wife is a home maker.We have two sons,both settled in life.By virtue of my job,I have widely travelled across the country and few place abroad too.We are now leading a very happy and peaceful lif…

With the passing of one more year,
Many of us think of new resolutions,
resolutions to start the new year,
I too had mine, some resolutions not to.

  The first was, not to be judgemental about others,
  As others have their own ways of thinking,
  It is better to take things as such,
  Instead of commenting and worrying ourselves.

Next in the list is not to get angry,
Anger spoils our own health rather than,
causing any harm to others, also,
others are not bothered if you are angry or not.

  The third is not to regret over the past,
  No need to regret over your past deeds,
  You did things then when you felt it right,
  What was right yesterday may not be so today.

There are many more and the list continues,
I find the resolutions to do are more,
rather than the few above which are not to do,
I wish i am able to adhere to these as the year progresses.


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