chinny Castle

My Own Rains

I'm a broken heart, healing on my own.
Called out for help but I found myself alone.
If it is too much pride that I refuse to bend
expectations so high, I've no friend.
so I'm soaked wet in this strongs rains,
Inflicted wounds on, I'm full of pains.

You're a broken heart, healing and being helped.
Reasons to move on, you see all of them.
Beautiful places to see, charm to make hearts melt.
Smiles are offered to you if you'd appreciate them.
but I know you are still seeking shelter from your rains
that still continue to remind you of your past pains.

I want to be there for you, I want to be that shelter
but just like you, I badly need some strong shelter.
I want to find you and catch you dry from this storm,
but how can I if I've been soaked from where I came from?
you got your rains and I got my own rains.
you got your pains and I got my own pains..

I realized that a broken heart can't heal another broken heart.
They'd find cure soon but first, they must find its missing part
not from anyone else or from the people who tore them apart,
but from themselves because that's how the mending starts.
I want to be there and save you from where you are,
but how can I if I can't even save myself from my own war?

but Someday, it'll all be alright for you and me.
Soon, I hope you and I meet, already healed.
from our own pains,
from our own rains.