hazel Shirley

My only hope

I am (Hazel Shirley)Hazal Shirly Sameera Pulukuri,Research scholar in English Literature .A blog writer against stress.To educate people to live with positive attitude, to reveal beauty of life loving concepts and to relieve them from Stress and stress causing factors is my prayerful ambition.I adm…

My life is just running on it's way,
who asked you to invade my heart and stay!
Did I ever tell you to come and play...
..with my heart to leave it now,and hurt me to go astray!

Never did I expect anything...
only love in your life I did bring.
Didn't I tell you.. leave me not at any spring!
you just left me...and ..I lost my hope in everything.

All my loved ones that I trust and hold dear,
will neither live with me nor hear my prayer.
'You' - are my only hope.....
....that can lead me out of fear...
wish you would understand my tears,
and make my heart to cheer.

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