donna webb

my mum

She held out her hand n said come sit here
 Lets have a chat "would you like a beer"?
 A problem shared is a problem halved
 I said im fine dont be so daft!
 How did she know what was hiding inside

When i said im fine.. she knew i lied
 I sat like a book as she read each page
 Some pages raw... causing me to rage
 But as she kept talking i fixed on her face
 N in my mouth was a peculiar taste!
 she said........

 " that taste in your mouth is pain leaving your soul
 dont swallow it down... spit into this bowl
 its like dirt in the blood... it has to be cleaned
 its come from people who've been so mean
 dont fight it no more, free your mind of pollution
 you dont need new year to make a new resolution
 each new day is your gift to walk a new path
 n before you say it, no im not being daft!
 the reflection i see is a younger me
 so smile my girl n set yourself free"....

 Never did i think these words would come
 n here i am sat with the expert.... my mum
 so i take her hand n say this right back.....
 " from this day on we make a pack
 ill change the reflection while i still have time
 make use of my talent where i can rhyme
 but if im like you when i get to your age
 ill be so happy cuz your not afraid
 your my one true person who's never judged
 sincere love n hope in everyone of your hugs
 every one of your words has given me the strength
 that is so true, make no mistake".....

 My mum, my guide, my strength... my all
 i thankyou so much for not letting me fall xx