Kumar Kamal

My Love Dew Drops Fall,Fall,Fall

Falling,glistening on her nipples,knoll-
My love drops fall,fall,fall
Come ride my Phoenix;He calls-
Ride him calm,gentle;Fly him,fall-
Your love-loaded,love-liped-hall invites me
for love sweetest sonnets,sweetest songs
All night,all day you keep me imprisoned by
your siren-songs
O my love dew drops fall,fall,fall
Your paradoxical soft,sweet,youngen breasts
Yearn for more,more,more-
They rise,they fall as the moonlit rhythmic
silvern,wavy balls
Your eyes big,blue,exotic undresses desire
deep seas;Galaxies of passions pass through your
maiden iris,pupil;my love-dew-drops fall,fall
Nelam read numbers;arti kills kumar-
O nelam my love`s dew drops fall,fall,fall-

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