Ade Richardson

My Love

I'm a film director living out of Brooklyn NY. I started writing poetry sporadically 10 years ago, but have recently been writing regularly. I'm a prolific writer and write quite often but it's only until recently that I've been sharing my poems with others.

My Love
My heart My everything
My dinner for two
My extra blanket to keep you warm
My only water to quench your throat
A throat so lovely oh what sound
My ears enjoy your music
My tears of joy for everything you are
Loving, caring, understanding, tolerate
with a big dose of of of so so sexy
your sexiness felt in my skin
your sexiness lives in every corner of my memory
it will take a life time for any therapist to uncover all of it
endless bliss an endless list of amazing you
My life makes sense when I hear your laughter
My eyes, what are they for if not to gaze into yours
My heart my heart I just discovered it
Found you living in it
you opened it and made it more spacious
more inviting for all of those around me
come and visit come one come all
Khrystina inspires, inspires us all
through me to all that cross my path
my love will stretch the far corners of the world
you are that spark
you are that spark that ignites my soul
ignites my love
restores my faith
replenishes my everything
turns it into something brighter
my vivid world because of you
oh how exciting!!