Zafar Iqbal

My Love

Poem writing is my hobby though English is not my mother tongue but am love to write in English to convey my feelings with whole world. here is my message for entire world peoples. Hatred could never win over the world; it is love which can conquer the stone-hearted opponents. This world can be tur…

I have lots of dreams when
 imagine, then I scream
I pass through very difficult times
I forget a seven or even a nine
My life would pursue someone
I hope my love will come
how can you people win the heart?
Unless anybody doesn't get hurt
Maybe I will get her
Then everything we will share
like something you can't find anywhere
like my love you will get is rare
nobody likes and nobody cares
Oh, would my heart live as twins
one I keep inside my actual place
the other one I keep open for a loving race