Ayubkhan U

My Long Search-A Poem

Hi this is Ayubkhan.U from Chennai-India. I am a Poet and Advertising Copywriter based at Chennai. I have written more than one hundred poems and posted the same in my various blogs. I am also a Softskill trainer specialized in Communication skill. I have written many Reviews, Short Stories and Chiā€¦

This endless sky sounds infinite!
 As the blue sky witness the parade of silver clouds,
 The birds are free to fly in the sky!
 Experiencing the everlasting happiness in this eternal sky!

 There is love everywhere!
 True love is a treasure, isn't it my friend?
 There is life everywhere!
 The amount of trust makes life apparent!

 This dark night is guided by twinkling stars!
 And the cool breeze brings the heaven on earth!
 Love bestows the eternal bliss!
 It's the love that brings the ray of hope!

 This long search makes life much longer!
 Life goes on and on, in search of truth!
 This clear sky makes our life meaningful!
 This abundant sky reflects the love of mankind!

  A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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