Jordan Goodwin

My Hell

Seen the pits of hell
 My story to tell
 How low I had fell
 My mind was the cell

 Trapped in my decay
 Couldn't escape no way
 My infernal pay
 Ominous to say

 Had to show my might
 Had to hold the fight
 I was losing sight
 I clutched to light

 The fire it burned
 An escape I yearned
 My mind it had turned
 So slowly I learned

 In my head I'd shout
 I need a way out
 I can't sit and pout
 No more holding doubt

 I fought to the path
 Figured out the math
 The feeling of wrath
 I did seem to hath

 The feelings possessed
 Had been laid to rest
 The way I was blessed
 Was at the highest

 I before felt blown
 Guilty like a drone
 Felt a heart of stone
 Now I did atone