Maria Shaw

My heart bleeds.

My writing delves into personnel issues and also situations, beliefs and events that touch me in some way or another. I hope you enjoy my writing and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If you like my work please look me up: A big thank you to all who re…

My heart it bleeds
streets run red
tears run as turbulent rivers
intensified by protesters cries
as tear gas silences hatred and lies.

A state of emergency
stay at home
so masked rebels can do their work
after all in every false flag
the media capture only the worst.

How long will it be until bullets are used
how long 'till the wise learn of the truth
soon they will awaken
and govenments wil be shaken
their tactics transparent to all who can see.

What will become of the people of paris
perhaps the same as Greece
and the middle east
what will become of us all
when we sit and watch and do nothing at all.

It seems we were brain washed from birth
make a stand it's time to awaken
take responsibility for your government actions
and vow to make a change
break the chains, take back your rights,
rebel take action, stand up and fight.

Your brothers and sisters need you
how long will you idly stand by
paying taxes to arm those you dispise
as refugees run for their lives
leaving all they knew behind.

Look behind the bounaries and flags
respect each others religion
if only you shared my vision
there would be peace and love
God gave us free choice
yet you hide behind your religion
and the power and the glory
belongs to the greedy.