Ishmael Balfour

My feeling

I started to read poems when I was 10 years old and was liking writing poems each day. Years later my mom was happy and glad I was writing small books and poems but sadly I lost her when I was only 15 years old and Remember's Day was the day she passed. Since then it has been two years and I wanted…

In my world you will see,

Am I awake when you are asleep,

Worried about the next day,

As you put a smile on your face,

Walking around as somebody,

When I'm cry for help from bottom of my heart,

Cry myself to sleep each night,

When you awake with joyful days,

Dreaming of us holding each other,

Laying on a sandy beach,

Watching the sun set before us,

I wanted to know,

Who is making you smile right now,

While I have no one to love,

Waking up to say your name again in my head,

Wondering why I'm stuck in this mess again,

Can't any some sleep,

Get worried days,

Stress on my brain,

My life is driving me insane,

Get friends who down and living wild,

Never get the answers straight away,

I can't think,

My mind are drawing blanks,

Can't find the words,

You wouldn't understand,

Something is blocking my way,

Someone wants me to stay,

But I have changed,

So alone I walk on this road,

I wonder if this will take me home?

Soon the rain starts to fall,

Starting to feel cold in my heart,

Tears run down my face as my world falls apart,

There a million answers to my question,

Why do I still have feeling for you?

The answer is simple,

She felt cold and alone,

No where to go,

All she want is a home,

Love has died and hate is born,

Toss my heart over the flames,

Watched my loved burned,

Took some step to save it,

Fall into the dark,

Never to come back up from it at all,

I shouldn't be taking chances,

At this dangerous depth in love.