Dumka Vincent

My fear of loosing you

I am a lover of poem.I love to read and write and my first letter was addressed to my headmaster,requested that he assist my mother to pay off my school exammination fee.At the age 6 years,I had already started writing my short story books.But though,some life experiences had also contributed towar…

Do not blame me in this chariot of light
Taking me on a journey
The ride is more interesting
As you decorated me with fresh lilies

Heaven is here in my parted life
Billowing me into air like a whirl smoke
As every moment is loving
And peacefulness clad my dream of oness

Take me by the hand like i walk with,
my mother.
I know the tempt that shadows your content
But i am in shaking of loosing my stand

Let our conscience be our mediator
Hence you remember my punishment
I voluntarily sacrificed for your comfort
The intruders come after your heart but negligence

Pretend not and glance through your listed rules
That bind the soul of this union
As your awareness bring me laughter
At zero point of breaking out of understanding

I am just trying my best to hook you in my promise
Then pay off my blame
To decide my right and wrong
If found guilty of breaking my heart...,and my fear,
lingers on............

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