Alexander Lim

My Family Tree

I am a neurologist, who writes mostly medical articles for publication. When I have time, I tend to write essays and forums, sometimes for our local newspaper in areas that interest me, some of which may be quite controversial. I love "point" and "counterpoint", having been a co-captain of my Hi-sc…

From my bedroom window
I can still see the great oak tree.
'Tis difficult to imagine that
it was once just a little acorn like me.
But that was many yesterdays ago
and like the acorn,I did some growing too.
A tree of our own my wife and I did plant
which is now deeply rooted
that it can take many a storm's brunt.
Four branches which were once spring sprigs
are now strong and unyielding
able to withstand many a gale-force wind.
Tho' they grew in different directions,
they managed to stay close to one another
maintaining a proximity like no other.
And now from those branches have sprung
four little twigs with uncanny resemblance
to the ones from which they came.
Such is a tree that I can call my own
standing tall like the mighty oak.