Ging Alburo D.

My Ever dearest (no.6)

Hi Everyone! This is Ging not so tall and not so short. I came from a big family of Ten and I am the last fruit of my parents love on the first set of seven siblings. My family describe me as friendly, lively, lovely and poetic and funny; this is when I was at home in my native land and speak my ow…

You're just an alive inspiration of my life,
A dearest treasure and nothing to be compared.
The bright light of love has shown with in my heart;
Since you haven't yet part in my life.

In every moment we are in chat,
Everything are so beautiful in my sight;
Once I caught your glimpse of smile,
Seemed I've joyously floating in the sky.

...In every problem that I had faced,
You're in my side ready to give me comfort.
Just for everything in perseverance and of disappointment;
But in that event you're rendering abatable assessment.

But what kind of hidden power do you have?
That you'll not easily be torn in my mind and heart.
I didn't say you may disturb in my work and study,
It's just like this, yet how'll to be expressed.

Anything bitter and persecution had it been,
If it will give you joy I'm ready to face...
Vast portion in my heart what ever valor,
Thus, I would not be selfish I swear.

My Dearest one, and my only one,
You'll just to remember, to change,
Never I can, it will not be happening
 It's my word I stand, till the end of time.

Author Ging