Jawahar Gupta

My Colorful Destination

 When I first saw you
 You look like the queen of beauty
 I knew my Venus,
 You will fall in love with me
 And yours eyes will glide
 On my lush green body

 Every time I see your eyes
 The garden becomes more colorful
 and the cypress tree of my mind
 Erect more powerful

 Before you came into my life
 My world was full of imagination
 My friend was colorful destination
 My soul was flying in acceleration

 We became one on our union
 As the mixture of dew mist in cloud
 The music started playing a bit loud
 We sung and dance in eternal motion

 Before you came into my life
 I only loved you in my dreams
 I didn't know anything about you
 I only believed one day you will come

 And our soul will unite to become one
 Today thatday has come to become one

 ~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~

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