Kassandra M. Konecny

My Brother and I

Kassandra Konecny is a lover of listening to music, hiking in the mountains, and observing the way people act. She began writing vigorously when she was fourteen and will hopefully never stop. She has had her fair share of trials lately, and tries to encompass nearly every subject there is to study…

My brother, the artist, the one with fame,
next to him my artwork is not close to the same.
his notes of music fill the air,
So wonderful that you stop and stare,
while my words spin circles round and round,
on their own they astound.

I look up to my brother with his talents,
Even when it’s not so easy to keep the balance,
He struggles and gets through when it’s hard,
and I keep myself on guard.
I’m not jealous, only amazed,
who in the world wouldn’t be dazed?

Hopefully I will stand by him,
and the light we shine will never dim,
he’ll be famous, have much glory,
and I’ll be the author of many a story.
I’d hate to be one of the others,
to have such examples from sisters and brothers.

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