Dana Moon

My B.F.F.

Yeah Scotty.... I wuz.... In my day!! :> lol***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************…

(Ben Hancock, this is for you. It all started with your 'Menstrual Girlfriend'.
What you poor men have to put up with!)

I couldn't be a lezbian
No matter wot
 My husband says

 He thinks I am
I don't know why
The kd land cd's
I buy.....?

My Best Friend's man
Thinks she's one too
I tell ya
What's a Gal to do?!

Just coz our hair
Is really short....
And we're really
Into women's sport....

Jill Sobule, I really dig
"Kissed a Girl" 'fore Perry did!
Portia's HOT, a real 'Siren'
Ellen, on all cylnders firin'!

I just like wearin' overalls
Coz over-all they suit me best
Dainty heels are not for me
My Birkenstocks fit comfortably!

So, to you,
I will say tata
We're off now,
To The Mardi-Gras!

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